Violinist Lidia Baich – “Spartacus” Live in Vienna


In a revolutionary and exciting project, world famous violinist Lidia Baich and former child prodigy pianist Matthias Fletzberger got together for a classical masterpiece, filmed from novel and intimate angles by GoPro camera’s. GoPro is all about sharing a unique experience and gaining a new perspective by finding never-before-seen points of view. And new perspectives and insights, that’s what Pensato is all about. Enjoy the video.

Have you ever wondered what a classical performance looks like from the point of view of an almost 300 year-old violin worth around 3.5 million Euro? These musicians were bold enough to provide you with the answer.

What moved you to use the cameras during your performance? We felt it was a great opportunity to be able to film and watch ourselves so closely. It allowed us to share the very personal perspective of our performance. Musicians—especially in classical music—are always viewed from a distance. We felt it was really important to get rid of that distance and invite the listeners to take part in the experience.

What was it like for you to watch the performance from so many different angles? Many perspectives we already knew, but there were moments that surprised us. It is interesting to see what happens with us and around us—we have never been able to experience that while we play. It was really rewarding.

Did you enjoy coming up with so many new perspectives? Yes, and we hope to find many more! During rehearsals, we are already constantly trying out new perspectives and hope that we will be able to share them with our audience in future.

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